Four Secrets to write an article

There is one thing but that is not the secret. In today’s world where content is king, writing is an important aspect of business. It seems everything that is done online requires some type of writing.

Content is mostly needed for web pages, likewise article are very much needed for advertising blog entries need to be posted daily. Newsletters and e-magazines  must be mailed to your subscriber lists. There is no limit to the need for content.

The methods of writing an article will frighten some people who consider themselves as non-writers. But the fear should go far because the process of writing an article is now divided into some easy parts to follow one after the other.

Here, now first let us keep our focus on where we get more ideas for our articles, later let us shift our attention on some basic written and formatting guidelines.

Sources for article ideas

The first and for most you have to do one thing to get ideas, that is nothing but search for ideas. The next important one is every day you need to read at least 15 minutes the information related to your article. And everyday you need to prepare notes of topics, if you do so, you can get more topics to write within less time.

There is a better way to discover more ideas for your topic that is subscribing to RSS feeds. If at all you have an account at Yahoo! You can add RSS Feeds to your yahoo home page and easily have access to new articles on daily basis. You need to subscribe to different types of feeds then, you will be having lot of sources related to your topic, and at the same way for new blog post.

While you are going through the sources if you come across any topic, that has new twist and if you are able to change it into an existing topic or any story with little information. Then strongly decide to write. This is indeed a lucky chance to write an article because here you can make a reference of original article, state your concern moreover can recommend solutions for the problems. Then you have better topic in your hands to make article and can do faster.

For quick article, you can use Industry changes and Technology news as topics. Always you have to write article that should quiz people on your topic specialty.

First you need to make a study on what others are writing about. If you receive newsletters in your inbox on daily basis, start reading from now on-words that you ignored long since. Definitely that will be filled with lot of information that is full of article ideas. If you have links in your mail, click on them, they also provide lot of information from new sites.

While you are at the site you clicked, see if there are any FAQ pages, which help you to identify the problem, later you can solve through your writing. A list of short topics helps you to solve the problem and to create a great article.

Remember always, write each and every word with your own words, don’t simply copy and paste the website owner’s FAQ

Another excellent way to get ideas is blog sites. Search or blog search. Go to for more interesting blogs. You are bound to discover an and less stream of ideas for things that you are able to elaborate on.

Keep an eye on your own hobbits, look, you may find something more interested and different to write an article. Do you have any special hobby in summer than in the winter? While searching the blogs you may find new hobbies that may be more interested to your targeted market and fit in with your main focus.

Another great place to get article ideas is article sites. It also provide free articles and serves as a template for your own efforts.

Writing of an article

After you come from the journey of searching for ideas in different places, this is the right time for you to sit and write. No doubt, now you have sufficient ideas for your article writing but remember you need to make sure whom exactly the information you are going to pen is suitable.

If you commit to write for pet focused group, your article is nothing to do with how to earn money or self-help. Your article should solve existing problems of pet related. While you are submitting your article to article directory be sure it has sections that include your niche. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your time.

You have to take minimum 5 minutes of time to brainstorm and write some questions which you intended to give answers in your article. Doesn’t worry if you don’t know right answers, first write then do some research on them. If you really don’t know the answers, indeed it is a good sign that you are on right track. That usually means, you are not simply writing on the topic which is too obvious. You will likely have great valuable information and a special point of view to go about.

After you read the niche article that you found, your mind will be focused on the job at hand. You come to know about the fact after 5 minutes of brainstorm , that you have interesting and attractive information to write. Now, you have sufficient ideas for your article and you know well whom you are targeting, now you need to determine what you want your article to accomplish.

Are you writing to gift your readers with impressive information? Do you want them to click a link to your website, subscribe to your blog or anything to buy from you? Always begin with the end in mind.

Portrait of an article

Whether you trust or not there are three most eminent key elements in any article. They are…..


Headline should sum up the main benefit of reading the article and that should grasp the reader’s attention to read more and more.

You must mould your headline irresistible by promising valuable information,  arousing curiosity or bringing out the problem, that never done before. There are many resources which help you to create a better heading, therefore make sure you better headline, therefore make sure you follow some of them in your writing.

The plot or body

The body of the article must deliver according to the promise of the headline. If your headline is “Top secrets to lose weight without exercise”, you should not write about exercising tips. Write only about what you promised in headline, don’t beat around the bush but straight to the point. If you promise number of tips, for example 5 tips to write, you must write about all the five points without leaving anything.

If you offer simple solution for anything, let there be simple solution. otherwise, readers won’t believe you for longer time and they don’t even open your mail in coming time. Whenever it may be, write what you promised then you will have happy customers for longer time.

Conclusion-call to Action

Here, after you finish your article request or suggest the readers what to do. Always see that there must be a link to your website, or at the end of your article reference box for more information. This will send the readers back to your site, clicking on your links, and happy pay for the time you spent editing your article.

Edit and Review

Always edit your article. First read it more than two times, next read it aloud. Here I gift with a better idea, that is start writing an article 5 days before the date you thought to publish, then you will have sufficient time to think and you can add or delete anything to mould into beautiful stricture. Really you feel wonder, after finishing your article writing about how many better ideas you get, and how your subconscious keeps on working behind your scenes. Wait and see after minimum one full night how beautiful and better ideas get at morning.

Here is a small trick, that  simply  trap 100% errors in your article. First print out whole of your article you have typed. Take it into your hand, start reading slowly as you follow along with your left hand. Truly you will be surprised at how nice it works to engage the other side of your brain when reading the article. If you are left handed- follow along with your right hand.

On the whole now you have come to know about 4 important secrets of article writing.

Over to you

I hope you really enjoyed the article and indeed it is helpful for you to pen well. If you like to suggest anything, feel free you are always welcome. As I take leave of you now, I would like to express my feelings. Thank you for visiting me.



  1. Its true that in modern world content is king. Before writing research is very important. I know it will provide you nothing but it is provide you idea what you are going to write. When you have selected your topic then spend 5 mints on it and create a questionair.

    I like your post. Because I was trying to write some thing but I didn’t decide yet what I will write and how I will get the info.

  2. marihuāna says:

    I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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