How to impress a visitor in Blogging?

The most important role to play in blogging is to convert visitors into blog readers. When visitor converts into a reader then only that blog gets success .For most can cheat the search engine but can’t cheat the visitor and reader. Should not do like that. When reader feels that there is no useful content in your blog immediately unsubscribe to your blog updates.

It is more important that our given blog post should contain original content along with beautiful blog design. Most of them like the blogs which are with clean design. Now here I am going to write some of the important points about how to impress a visitor in your blog.

1. Need to respond positively for each and every comment, received. And when you come across any problem while reading comments, feel as it is your own problem, then immediately find the answer and post to the readers a soon as possible. Then only they become addicts to our blog and do book mark.

2. Better to use some plug-in and widgets as to subscribe the visitors. If popular posts create email subscription and Face book like box at the end of the post.

3. Write the blog post rhythmically as you are having direct conversation with the reader.

4. Give answer to queries which come through contact option.

5. About me page should be more impressive. And clearly explain there about our service and our eligibility.

6. About me and contact pages should be known in all the pages. And it should be easily accessed.

7. Most be more careful on coping. Because through this there is a possibility of getting bad impression. Always keep one eye on DMCA. Beware from content spammers.

8. At any situation should not produce others ideas. If at all you want to go about others ideas take only idea and write according to your knowledge at your level best.

9. Update in Social media not one time in a day but try to update 3to 4 times.

10. Mostly try to convert Social media users into your blog readers.

All The best

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  1. Mr. Anzel says:

    As you said, returning visitors make a blog successful. Not only so, but returning visitors create a community. This is what all blog owners strive to achieve.

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