How to increase your comments in blog Post

Generally how it worthy post for Aspirants . This post really Awesome but no traffic and rank for post page , may bloggers suffers no comments or commenting ratio is low as expected . why its happens . the information communicated properly but no response. what is the mistake  ? lets question it !  no comments Automatically your work into poor blogging . now explain what have do to overcome this issue .every blogger have to move social mind with readers or Visitors there only can create a feeling / emotions will pays comment and also readership .

what is the Social Mind ? do you know why when you dropped a thread in Social networking sites Automatically Comments Likes is on . that’s is Social media , blogger have to treat their blog as a Social media . Actually knows What’ s  Social media plays –Questioning , Sharing feelings, friendship etc.. like same your have to share in blog post , asking questions related to blog post, asking what is rolling in your mind , asking feedbacks, and All most create a “Call to action” . we already explained how to create a call to action in blog post .

Don’t go serious mind writing , post always have to sponsor a funny and Informative (Brainstorm ). Don’t publish with out full meals, Starting point of blog post is greeting impressive one and maintain voice up to end of the post . find out negative Keywords and delete it , Always views be on Positive .

blogger need to role a podcaster (shouting loud about blog ) , Blogger role is politician to promise in such a good way to get impression from readers . be silent which have informative one but no use until rolled a shouter . you need  tell about yourself to others.

blogger always be active and participate on others blog commenting section. there only primarily pays comment (easy expect from other blogger ).

Now your turn : i think above  words will give some ideas on creation comment section . my  previous post explained important of Comments . feel add something here  let me know and share your feed back.

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  1. Using commentluv also increases number of comments on your blog but the fact is the comments are made just to create new backlinks.

  2. Hi Gajendran

    Thanks for your valuable write up. What I feel is getting comments is not an issue, the mailnthing is to get relevant comment in a post. I generally get comments but all are mostly for creating backlinks and has no relation with what I talk about in an article.

  3. Dear Gajendran,
    Thanks for writing this article. Your tips are so unique. Good to see that. When i first clicked the title, i thought that you’ll be suggesting using some comment plugins like Disqus or others. But these tips are really nice. Actually it is the post and engaging content which creates conversation on a website.
    With Regards.

  4. It is very nice and informative article.

  5. Finally your blog post made my day. I really like your post. Actually I was written a post on blog commenting and later I think that why not to read what other bloggers thinks about the comments and after reading your post, I learned some extra information. Your post is really helpful for me. ;)
    Happy Blogging
    Chetan Gupta ;)

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