Ultimate link Building Tips

At present most of the people are in doubt about link building and its utilities whether they are existing or not. The reasons behind the doubt is, now a day’s search engines(Google )are exercising lot of strict activities to control those things. So, as a part of that activity 4 times in a year running algorithms like panda and penguin. It’s finding and odd out therefore there raised many doubts in the minds of the people who do natural link building. Now they all are in dilemma whether they have to process or not on link building. Because of a little comprehension over link building they are facing lot of problems and hardships.

If we see in web industry the sites which have top back links occupy the first places. Almost all everyone says that “content is the king”, yes! It is true but only for 50% – 60%. Even through the site is not having quality content, if it has more quality back links, that site has the change to come under content top list. Therefore can, understand the predominance of link building. Must remember some of the important cautions to practice while link building. Primarily domain age is the most important one. According to it link building should be done. Everyone known fact is 100 low quality links is equal to 5 quality back links. Means must avoid link building with links which has low page rank and which are not having anchor text. It is better to choose always a good page rank and related niche blogs or directories. Even then you find a link with high page rank with anchor test, if is not related to niche it is a vain one. Therefore the primary thing to follow in link building is, selecting blogs directories which have minimum 3-4 page ranks and the niche should be related. Still to say more while link building with high page rank sites follow one strict particular number for a day or week. Let there be limited target for a week or month. If do more, all the hard work rendered because useless. Moreover search engine managers identify as spammer and through some penalty on us. Through this we have to taste lot of loss. Everything will go according to us only when we have limited expectations. This is not the right thought that thinking of earning more money by a single Wight in web world by doing more link building and increasing site value. There are successful results only when you build quality sites rendering your valuable time as investment.

Choose the best competitor in link building for links then select the quality links which they have collected later do link building. For this there are many tools available in online.

I hope the above mention description may help you in your link building process and gives better results. If anything to add or remove “let me know through the comments”

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  1. napster says:

    I think seo never die.But it is most way people search and study new information.but now we work in seo must smarter.

  2. Very Informative !! thank you for Sharing…

  3. konika says:

    well, nice post, such a great blog i found on web

  4. If you are thinking that unlimited link building will help you to get top ranking in All search engines, then you are thinking wrongly. Because After Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, fresh and unique content have more value then lot of useless link building. If you will build relevant link building to the content and keywords. It is best way to get high ranking.

    Please don’t try to build unlimited links. It will lead to over optimization…

  5. Thanks for the article….

  6. Rick Stamos says:

    I agree that content doesn’t make up the entire page rank but it does constitute more than 50 or 60%. I think it accounts for as high as 80% with number of links constituting the other 20%.

  7. meisha says:

    Hi Gajendran,
    I’m so agree with your post here :) Natural link building is a way to improve our serp in any search engine I think. Not only for google, it’s for the others such yahoo, bing, alexa, etc. Just do not try make more suspicious backlinks from other sites suddenly in order be categorized as quality backlinks from those search engines…

  8. Maya says:

    Still links plays an important role in SEO, nice link building tips, thanks.

    Also I love your blog design, which genesis theme you’re using? I mean any source to buy it/download it?


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