Where Is the Best place for Writing

Before itself in one of my previous posts I obviously explained on the topic how to write.

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Today I would like to speak on the topic where are the best places for write posts where are the best places for writing better articles/posts. If you wrote the posts everyday from particular place, becomes routine at the same time don’t find much creativity. Because the environment is same always. Selective new places, keeping a side routine place, which give lot of new experience may help to bring wonderful content. Selective new places means, no disturbance for writing, at the same time should have a conversation on the topic with others. Even though they don’t know anything on the topic at least should listen to you. If you go on say automatically some new ideas flows out of it. Then it becomes very easy to create content. For this, can welcome either friend or relative or even anyone but has to hear to what you say keenly.

New places means, consider the following places.

(1) Public Library

Here, you can find always peaceful environment, therefore keeping aside discussions and conversations, try to write the content can obtain better thoughts here because no disturbance come on your way.

(2) friends Room

If is really useful writing the post sitting along with friends or relatives in their houses and discussing on the topic.

(3) Net Cafes

First choosing convenient net cafes for writing. Means no much noise, but mirthful environment.

(4) Walker’s Area

Sitting in walker’s places thinking and writing increases mind activeness and now and then make a small walk thinking so that can get better ideas for content. Sometimes place yourself sitting in cool place start thinking, you really touch the wonder that new ideas simply jumps out of you mind.

(5) Parks

Select some good parks and zoo’s, they also provide better environment for new ideas getting.

(6) Upstairs

Sitting and writing on the roof looking on the sky is useful.

(7) Home Location Change

Not like sitting in the same room and writing come out search for new places within your house and surrounding. Such as: balcony, garden, sunshade table, steps etc.

Generally writing is possible only with comprehend knowledge; changing places only stimulates the mood and mindset of the writer. Don’t forget, always keep in mind, even the places from where we pen also play a vital role and influence a lot, main points and new ideas safely place in ideas folder and carry always with you where ever you go for writing.

Over to you

I hope, if the above mentioned points are put into practice, can get Better results. I think, my part of the work is over, now your tern starts. If anything is missed or to be added, please let if come to me through your valuable comments and feedback. Thank you for the visit you made.

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  1. Koj T. Tajo says:

    Hey Gajendran, As the internet is full of so many information and have everything under the sun, it is really becoming tough for us to writing some quality things. I read some where (forgot) exactly that a pro blogger looks for his Titles and post in a Pub where the friends are drunk and talks out something really attractive. Good post though!

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