Why Most of Them Fail in Blogging

The only reason for failure in blogging is not recognizing the niches in blogging whether they are completely covered or not and failing at analyzing the niches. One more thing is unable to identity how much good and useful information provided to readers in blogging world because they entry into blogging with the motto of earning money.

Primarily in blogging give more importance to readers than yourself. Reader won’t show much interest at your blog when, written something for the sake of writing, concentrating on the topic which is already written, and updating the content which is updated by many blogging. Need to stand first in updating any new information.

Another reason is not able to anticipate blog’s development in daily or weekly basis and practicing multiple blogging at a time. Because of no content produce better and useful information, so no success in blogging , The main reason for multiple blogging is greedy, thinking of more money earning.

Most of the blogger spend lot of time in social media for content promotion. So here lot of time is wasted. Instead of this, if you reply for all the comments, can create some blog readers list. This can make you, walk towards success in blogging as a first step comments, indeed play a significant role in the success of blogging.

See, that discussion must take place in the blog. Most of the people immediately close the site as soon as they visit, reason is no place for readers discussion. This also can consider one more cause for failure in blogging, failing in creating comment section accordance with discussion. Notable point here is, lot of readers go through only comments and keep more concentration an what type of questions or doubts are asked and how the answers are given. Because there is no answer for doubts in official news, lot of readers and visitors make a visit to the blog trying to solve and clarify the doubts. Therefore not replying for comments also stand as a cause for failure in blogging.

The only thing that is mostly needed in blogging is patience. Earning as soon as entering means not possible first spend lot of time for the blog development then think of earning. Now coming to SEO, site keywords SEO factor is so important, so must keep special interest, can torch some better results through recognizing the importance of keywords and import once of blog page SEO, post SEO and methods of optimization.

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  1. I completely agree with you on this ” the main reason for multiple blogging is greedy, thinking of more money earning”
    But i must say there is no harm in multiple blogging if you think u can handle them without interference.

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