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Today at this pleasant moment, I would like to let you know some-imperative tips to copy up while writing popular post. Every blogger not like mere normal post, try to write on the topic which is more interested and more data consist, monthly 2-3 which seems to become popular. There lays a bit difference between popular post writing and normal post writing. If you write popular post with additional points after undergoing long analysis, can popularize the post at anticipated status. Likewise if written posts with long stories blog assumes popular. Remember situate at least 1000-2000 words in the post.

1. Best ideas:

For this as I mentioned in one of the previous posts collect best ideas from ideas folder. Not like normal post idea, allot a better unique and comfortable time to create this type of post. Nobody should have written on selected topic previously. Should target mostly group people.

2. Post title:

Parade in fort of the reader’s brain storming headlines. The title should be more awesome at the same time instant attractive. For this spend 10-15minutes of time so that can create bombastic title. If it has week title content cannot acquire victory. If you feel content is king, not enough even headline also falls under king. Like this when create spectacular title, there is a chance to become popular the content.

3.complete Story:

Write complete story obviously in post/articles. Means add normal post niche information at most and comprehensive niche matters. May be at least 1o-15 links may take place. Start with introduction then subject-later ending. Ending should be satisfied.

4. Utilizing source:

Maximum utilizes all traffic sources. Publish the post in all social networking sites and forums. Means display the post highlighting in all your facebook groups. In a way, it is like raising comment at all the sources and creating conversation. To obtain this interact with SEO tricks. And should strive to ascend comment conversations to post. Reply gently to each and every comment received.

5. Special alert:

By offering a special alert to the readers can reach the target without much effort. Means gifting them post tittles and links with special message. Finally send them about specialty of the post compressing into some words. Likewise from special focus, can mould post as most popular post. Better to allocate more time particularly only for this purpose.

Over to you

I hope all the above talked about points support basically to popularize the post. If anything missed which you consider adding would have been better, worry not, let come to my notice, and you are most welcome my doors are open always for you. I am on await for thought provoking comments and feedback.

Thank you for the visit you offered.

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  1. Aman Bansal says:

    Amazing blogging tips.I’ll come again to see more stuff like this :-)

  2. Jack Ahmad says:

    You really posted a good articles, very useful, then I will read another posts you shared backlinks.

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