Write for human not for Robots

If observe come to know the fact that many of the bloggers fail in blogging. Even though everyone knows obviously about blogging, still failure falls on their way, do you know the reason? I let you know the reason now, because of committing lot of mistakes in content writing. There is no exception even the most senior bloggers too commit the same thing. One of the primary mistake is as follows-usage of more keywords and search engine optimization tricks in order to get more traffic but doing that way actually original readers will be ignored.

Always keep in mind that only readers love and support are the essential things for the success of blogging. You have to reach the goal, getting traffic, through right manner. For this cultivate the habit of writing rythematically to the readers alone. Unlike some bloggers who uses some tricks to get traffic in search engine and don’t write according to the robots. By this one may gain mortal traffic which stays for shorter time but not immortal traffic which lost for ever.

Even though there is important information related to niche in the content wrote for the sake of machine, readers simply ignore it because they can’t understand fully. The result is day by day become rate of the blogs ascends. Everybody knows about the fact that Google and search engine gives the page rank and traffic based on bounce rate. So every blogger has to work hard to decrease bounce rate, readers should need to write the content according to the readers and should be understandable to all. At the beginning though don’t obtain the traffic not worry slowly the readers become addict to your blog, so that conversation grows bigger in blog then traffic moves forward. Then automatically readers list too goes up. So can acquire long time search engine traffic.

Another fundamental thing is through the comments either from the readers or you, in blog page rank increases. When readers obsessed to the blog they comment on every blog you presented, so that can get better results. If you write as you write to robots, they ignore, at the same time no comments. So the result is losing total traffic.

There are many intelligent writers among them many are able to cheat search engine. Like that writers if they write for humans can create wonders, no doubt in that. Indeed it takes time. Writing with the intension of getting results sooner, if writes for robots, no use, everything is vain.

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  1. Brown Boby says:

    That is a nice post. Writing content nowadays is just like any other hobby you can have but when it comes to Google ranking things have changed. You may want to optimize your posts and include all the fancy keywords all over but Google ranking strategy has really changed. Due to spamming issues, Google is punishing content that is seen as over optimized for SEO purposes and at the same time loving content that is informative and targeting a given niche. It is good that as a blogger you focus on your topic and concentrate on giving quality posts that can be helpful to the reader. That is what Google loves.

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